olivia rossi design

We are a garden and landscape design studio based in London. Established in 2004, we have a wealth of experience in creating contemporary gardens of all sizes for our private clients.

Our gardens are calm, harmonious and sensory spaces closely connected to the surrounding landscape and the lives of those who enjoy them. They have a strong architectural backbone, softened by a carefully selected plant palette.  more...

We work on a limited amount of projects each year, allowing us to establish an in-depth creative dialogue with our clients and to deliver the best level of service. We partner with specialist contractors who are as passionate about gardens as we are, from established landscape contractors, specialist nurseries to highly skilled artists and artisans. ...less.

Throughout the design process, our main focus is to listen to our clients: our work starts with your needs and how you want your garden to feel. Our thinking stems from an exhaustive site survey and an in-depth questioning of how the garden should work, look and be experienced.

Once a strong spatial structure is defined (the backbone that will allow the design to stand the test of time) we weave in layers of textural interest to offer a sense  more... of constant discovery through the space and the seasons.

We like the idea of playing with contrasts and creating an element of surprise: like the tension between the hard edges of a building or the tightly-clipped shape of a shrub and the free flowing form of perennials, between straight lines and curves, shelter and open space.

All this because, as Thomas Moore so beautifully said “the soul cannot thrive in the absence of a garden” ...less.